Family Trees & Documents

This is the page for my family trees and scanned documents. It is password protected. If any family member would like to see it, just email me and I will get you a pass.

Family trees

My Immediate Family Nettie Schultz & Stephen Curtis Josephine Duerbeck & Gerhardt Paul Schinkel
Evelyn A. Schultz &William A. Radzwill Anna Maire (Kalkus) and John Paul Gerhardt Schinkel Pauline Huber & Joseph Duerbeck, Sr .
Antoinette Prokesch & Micheal Schultz    


My Maternal Paternal Side (Schinkel)


Jerry & Josie Schinkel Marriage Cert. Jerry Schinkel's DD214 Schinkel Naturalization

My Paternal Maternal Side (Schultz)


Schultz Declaration Schultz Marriage Schultz Petition page 1
Schultz Petition page 2 Schultz Petition page 3 Schultz Petition page 4
Stephen Curtis    

My Dad's

Charles Curtis' Orders Charles Curtis' DD214  

Harold & Pauline Bookwalter


Pauline's American Birth Cert. Pauline's German Birth Cert. Pauline's Overseas Birth Cert.
Harold's Bith Cert. Harold's DD214  


Elizabeth Curtis News Article    

Pauline's Blog


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