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On the travel bus to the Rose Bowl 2001

On the travel bus to the Rose Bowl 2001

Our Travels

We like to travel a lot. We have gone to to all but 11 states, lived in more then one, been to Canada & Curacao and traveled from Indiana to see Purdue play in the Rose Bowl in 2001…..and plan on doing much more traveling. Our goal is to visit every national park that we can.

It has become tradition to take a self portrait in our travels. =)


Picture Galleries

New Mexico ’98 Cruise ’99 Washington ’99
KeyWest ’00 Rose Bowl ’01 Alaska ’01
Minnesota ’01 Key West ’02 Miami ’02
Canada ’03 Washington ’03 North Carolina ’03
Chicago ’04 Buffalo ’05 Niagara Falls ’05
Melbourne, FL Vets ’06 Canada ’06 (Sony) Surrey, BC ’06 (Nikon)
Canada & Wash. ’06 (Sony) Deception Pass ’06 (Nikon) Wash. to Or. ’06 (Nikon)
Mt. St. Helens ’06 (Sony) Wash. Park, Or ’06 (Nikon) Wash. Park, Or ’06 (Sony)
Washington ’06 (Sony) Seattle ’06 (Nikon) Seattle ’06 (Sony)
South Beach ’07 Cannon Beach Ft Colombia
Ft Stevens Seaside Seaside Aquarium
Curacao Day 1 Curacao Day 2 Curacao Day 3
Curacao Day 4 Crater Lake Nat’l Park 2010 Olympus Crater Lake Nat’l Park 2010 Nikon
Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park 2010 Gifford Pinchot Nat’l Forrest ’10 Mt St Helen’s 2011


Harold Visiting His Parents Spring ’07

Boat Ride Birds Orr
Crane Lake Falls Logging
Judy & Dave’s Judy & Dave’s Hill


RV Trip through the Southwest to Portland 2007

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Day 7 Day 8 Day 9
Day 10 Day 11 Day 12
Day 13 Day 14

Trip to the Coastal Redwoods & driving up the Oregon Coast 2009

*This is divided up the different cameras and into different parts so the galleries aren’t too big and overwhelming.

Nikon Part 1 Nikon Part 2 Nikon Part 3
Nikon Part 4 Nikon Part 5 Nikon Part 6
Olympus Part 1 Olympus Part 2 Olympus Part 3
Olympus Part 4 Olympus Part 5 Olympus Part 6