Nigara Falls

Nigara Falls

Hi, I’m Pauline A. Curtis

The man in the picture with me is my husband ToRn. I decided to start this when we moved to Florida in 2004, as of Sept 2007 we reside right outside of Portland, Oregon. I wanted our families to be able to keep up with us.  I even started a Blog for my ramblings, where anyone can respond and add to what is happening.

I have decided to utilize wordpress designs and the ability to make pages for my site.  I’m horrible at designing and with using this I can easily switch out with the free designs when it suits me.  =)

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**Family trees and documentation is password protected.**


Pauline & ToRn

Our Wedding ToRn & Pauline Pauline
ToRn Xmas ’04 Xmas ’04 pt2
St. Pete ’05 Xmas Kid Preview ’05 Xmas ’05
Birthday ’05 Xmas Tree ’06 Xmas ’06
  My Colts Jersey SeaTec & Flight
Purdue Apr. 07 Mar ’07 Super Bowl 2010
Thanksgiving 2010    

Moving Adventure


Living Spaces

Indiana June ’05 Nov. ’05
Bedroom ’06 Troutdale, OR ’09 Front of Townhouse

Football Games

  Champs Bowl ’06 Purdue @ Oregon ’09

Odds & Ends

Cakes Vehicles Pumpkins
Wrestling Flat Stanley Summerfest 2009
Halloween 2009 Holiday 2009 Summerfest 2010
Car Show 2010    


Fannie May Candies Books-A-Million Books-A-Million Fall ’05
BAM Staff Xmas Pictures BAM Xmas Eve ’06 BAM Store Meeting
BAM Mar. ’07 Social Sci & Hist. BAM Silly Apr. ’07
BAM Article Book Signing Article