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Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, AZ

Pauline and I had some errands to do in Tucson so we decided to make a day of it and visit the Pima Air & Space Museum and Saguaro National Park East unit.

We arrived at the Pima Air & Space Museum around 9:30am and we immediately knew we did not plan the day out too well. We was both hungry as hell, so we had to start our day at the diner. We was the first customers of the day, and while it took a bit longer then we expected to get our food, the food was really good and well worth the wait.

Pauline for the grilled Ham and Cheese and I got the Cheeseburger with American cheese and we shared a side of fries. We give it 4 of 5 stars. Typical diner food, but done well. We would for sure eat there again.

We also did not wear the proper foot wear. We both decided to wear tennis shoes, but hiking boots would have been the better choice, since this place is MASSIVE in size. We tried to take pictures of everything we saw, but there was just too many Airplanes. We was going to take the bus tour of the “Bone yard” but we decided we can do that on our next visit, there is just too much to see in one visit.

We spoke to many of the volunteers while there and discovered one was Purdue Alum and many were Veterans of World War II.

We had a great visit, but again, one day is not long enough to see everything. We walked a fast pace and it still took hours.

The B36 here was in amazing condition. And We was told it is 1 of 4 left in the world. We saw another one in Atwater, CA in April, so we have seen 1/2 of the B36’s left.

The volunteers also told us they are working on getting the needed funding to build a new massive hanger for “Cold War” aircraft, so the B36, B47, B58, B52 and others.

This would have to be a HUGE hanger to fit all these birds.

The aircraft with yellow wings are trainers.

The B29 had lots of items that was used in battle along with pictures and personal items of the crew.

This was the best Air Museum I have ever been to. The Space Museum was small but nice for what they have.

Seeing 2 references to the USS America CV-66 was a very nice surprise. May she rest in peace.


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