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Everything you hear, could be something else…

This blog entry was written on June 27, 2013 ~ For the safety of the Mountain Lions we post dated this entry until now.

I was going to write about this a few days ago, but without any real evidence, I didn’t want to really discuss it since we just wasn’t sure what we really heard. Not that I have concrete evidence now, I just think we didn’t hear what we thought we heard.

Sunday night June 23, 2013 Pauline and I was outside enjoying the cooling temps, the Sun had just set, it was early dusk, we had a deer about 50 yards away from us, we had numerous birds around us, singing, eating the seeds we leave them, we had a good stiff drink in our hand and it was just NICE to be doing what we was doing.

Then we heard “cries” from a distance away. At first we wasn’t sure we heard it due to the wind, but the dogs across the road started barking, so we knew we did hear something.

A few minutes later we heard it, this time, much louder and for much longer and much more consistent. For about 2 minutes, we heard a cry about every 5-10 seconds.

Our first thought, a Mountain Lion was killing another Mountain Lion, or Bobcat and doing so SLOOOOOOOWLY….

It was not pleasant at all to listen to. But since it was dusk, and we had been drinking, we decided it would have to wait until Monday before we go looking.

Monday afternoon I spent about 90 minutes in the hot sun in rugged bush trying to find a carcass, or signs of a kill, such as vultures, blood, fur etc. I found nothing. I walked about 2 miles up and down hills, into thick thorny areas and all I got for it was a sprained left thigh, cuts, bruises, sun burned and tired.

We have been on the look out for vultures ever since but still nothing.

Today, Matt and I went on a loop of the preserve and on the way we swapped out the motion camera’s card. He just emailed me this video.

I am now convinced we did not hear a Mountain Lion kill… But two Mountain Lions mating.

All I know is, Mountain Lions must be really into kinky stuff.

For the safety of the Mountain Lions we post dated this entry.

Nights sound like bliss

I hear a owl over the chimes of the insects of the night.

It gets no better then this.

Holy Flying Bats! Man!

I set the video camera on night vision pointed at the hummingbird feeder on August 1, 2013 from 8pm to 9pm.

The first 9 minutes all you see is a “blur” until the first bat takes a drink. By 8:30 pm there are multiple bats feeding. We have seen 40+ bats at once as they set off the motion lights at the visitors center.

We have stood in the dark and let them fly all around us as they feed. We can hear and feel them fly by. We have yet to be hit by one, but did hear one hit the wall.

August? Already? Really? Ok.

This year is just moving too damn fast. Don’t get me wrong, I love the late part of Summer and I really love the Fall season, but it just seem’s like it was April a few days ago.

Kickoff for football is getting soooooooooo much closer.

As is our departure date. Which is like 2 months from today. We still do not have a new gig. I have to get re fingerprinted for my Washington back ground check, last set of prints was too “smudged”.

I spoke to a State of Washington Parks and Recs personal and she told me to contact the parks we are interested in letting them know our applications are being processed now, but will be somewhat late due to my finger print issue.

We had some visitors spot a Mountain Lion yesterday. But I was unable to see any fresh signs indicating it was still in the area or not.


Sunset & Butterfly

This gallery contains 3 photos.

I thought I had all my pics caught up, but missed my butterfly pictures I took. And pictures from tonight’s walk.