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2nd Covid Shot & Life Changes

Very pleased to announce that we got our 2nd Covid 19 shot. We got it this past Friday. It is one stress off of our minds.

We’ll probably have to get boosters in the future, but very pleased to get the vaccine taken care of.

Friday when I went for my walk, I didn’t feel any issues with my leg. So I actually was able to do some of my normal occasional jog sprints in the first 2 miles. Spent the next 3 miles hike around and exploring some of the trails.

So I ended that round of exercise feeling better good. Didn’t work out that well the next day ? I was sore all day, I did get a walk in, without the occasional job sprint. Today, wasn’t feeling any of pain, but didn’t push it too much.

I just want to get over the shin splints and focus on getting my jogging sprints in. To keep myself from over doing it, I started to surf/read as I walk. When I started back on my walks, I made a point to not to do that and to focus on my time/pace.

I really just want to the gym to open up, then I would get back to working out before work and I would feel much better about myself, exercise wise.

Today I called mom on my walk to wish her Happy Mother’s Day and ended up face timing. With dad asking where is bigfoot…lol

I really do miss my folks ?

The closing of my department has not gone smoothly at all. I know that they have been doing this back east for few years, using a call center, but there really was no roll plan on who was responsible for what. The duties of my department are to be broken down to other departments, that are currently overwhelmed and understaffed….but none of what told what went to who.

Due to all the issues in our market, I’m still in my office and starting this week, we are having conference calls to both give us guidance and bring up our concerns and issues. that the call center is having.

The new call center is so new, that I’ve spent time training them when they call the store.

I’m hoping with the new guidance that we can start shifting. The market manager of our department wants to convince them to keep a coordinator for the now “closed” department. I have a sales specialist that wants me to be their partner on bringing in the sales and pushing our store to the next level.

During at all this, I’ve had more then one person say that they don’t know how things would get done without me.

I may be losing my mind and stressing out with so much to do, but at least I feel that some folks know what I do and appreciate it. That feels good.

Work Change

Still stressed, but a bit better. Sent this in text to hubby earlier, but here is an update, with context:

Install Office closes March 30, the coordinator supposed to be in here for 30 days afterwards but my coordinator isn’t fully trained so my store mgr is gonna work on it where I’m still in the office while getting trained for a department on the floor.

They were thinking of plumbing….but that is not a department I want…

So they are mulling over on Millworks for me.

That in fact since I also usually play in fill-in floating manager I’m still doing management while taking care of the office for the last 30 days so I may be in the office until the end of April.

And if i get Millworks, that is an if still mulling it over I would be helping on my strength of knowing specialty.

Annoying Co-Worker & #MeToo

My position in my new location has a lot of people in my department & the one next to me, that have been there for 9-20+yrs….

As most businesses, we are going though more changes and a few of the old timers are bitter.

One just complains……everyone know that is all he does. That no matter what, he will find something to bitch about.

He loves to antagonize people about the jackass in office. And kept making smart ass comments about #MeToo.

Well, last week, he went too far. He was going on, that maybe there should be a check list of what a man would get from a woman depending on what he pays for on a date.

I just turned around and said: “I had a friend thrown out of a moving car because she wouldn’t give it up You have NO idea what it is like to be a woman.”

(He had one hell of look of shock on his face)

“To grow up knowing that men can overpower you at anytime and live with the threat of rape in the back of your head.

Closest you would feel that, is if you were in prison…then you would know what it is like to live the threat of rape in the back of your head everyday.

Do you know how the hell it makes me feel that out of all my closest friends, that I’m the only one that has not been sexually molested or assaulted?

Do you know how the hell it made me feel to have obscenities yelled at me at the age of 12 while walking my dog?

Having a 20yr old trying to pick up me up at the age of 13??

The ONLY 2 times I’ve ever used my father’s rank was to get guys to back off.

That I have friends that had flash backs when their daughter hit the age when they were molested and didn’t want their husbands to touch them. You have NO idea!

You want to know why women go to the bathroom in groups, because in the back of their mind they know it is safer.”

He is one that overrides when you are talking and I think I had him speechless….just stared at me and said, no I don’t know. When he started to say, that I shouldn’t have been by myself at the age of 12….

I’m like “I was WALKING my dog in my neighborhood……my family taught me to take care of myself and be independent. You do not hold a 12yr old’s hand…..and it is usually friends of family and family members that get to kids”


I can take a lot and joke a lot…..I’ve handled “boys clubs”…….I’m not exactly innocent and can have a dirty and very honest mouth, but he went too far.

He hasn’t said too much to me since.

Then the other day, he threw one of coworker under the bus to a customer.

Even if they are always missing up, you do NOT do that. When when he says that “I don’t care anymore” I just wanted to say, “then why are the hell are you still here?”

Hoping to have a chance to speak to one of my managers about that. I just want them to talk to him and get him to stop doing that.

He is a good worker & I don’t think he is actually a bad person, just likes to shock….but I can only tolerate so much ignorance.

Life Update

Since we’ve had to get stationary jobs, it has been a big life change.

One big major adjustment is that since Sept ’07, we’ve worked from home, and even though it took 6 months to get use it, we are now use to spending a lot of time together. This weekend is the first days off we’ve had together since Xmas & Thanksgiving. It had been driving me nuts. Feels good to be home together.

I have a p/t job position and until last weekend, had a 2nd p/t seasonal job on the weekends. That was not easy schedule wise, but doable. Looking to see if a full time position opens where I’m at or get a different job….need the full time. I really do like where I’m at….everyone has been very nice and I seem to fit in.

Hubby is working at a place that actually appreciates him. He fits in with the sense of humor there and they love the work he does. I’m very happy about that.
We are very happy that we are in the Pacific NW for all of this, but we are missing Oregon.

Washington is nice, but it is different…..drivers are more aggressive then Oregon, and people in Oregon aren’t more slobs, but don’t seem to care as much on how they look when they go to the store. At least around here, I see people more “dressed up” for store…..they are less laid back. Most people here are friendly (a LOT better then Florida ever was) but not quite Oregon friendly. Once you’ve been in Oregon for awhile, you can notice the difference.

Maybe it the area we are in, more urban and more military.

Overall, things are still adjusting, tight, but doable.

Busy, Busy

Damn, time is flying by even quicker then ever.

Before we left AZ, I needed something to make it easier for planning our trip and my to dos……I need something that I can see one week at a time and also month at a time. Found this assignment planner at an office store that has been a huge help since.

I love it! With the month view, I could put in where we were going to be on what date and the how much each place would cost for our budgeting. With the week view, it gave me enough room on the days to list what I needed to get done.

I have no idea why I didn’t think about one of these kind of planners before…..Purdue had one called the Mortar Board that I loved using when I was there.

Every weekend, I start laying out what I need to get done. I have a list for work, our personal stuff and our things around here. I have been totally utilizing this more then ever. Especially since I’ve been able to get focused finally.

With using my planner, I’ve been trying to get some of our spring cleaning done, little at a time. Totally attacked the bathroom the other day, love going in there and seeing how clean it is, I’ve attacked some of our windows, and got the rig vacuumed (got our dyson back…yes!). Still need to finish cleaning the vacuum, because it looks like it was use on wet stuff. But we got a good part of it cleaned. Been trying to reorganize stuff…it is a constant battle when you live in a box, we are always trying to improve it.

Because we live the full time rv life, unless a place has wifi….which is very unusual and not dependable….we have to use MiFi hotspots. Those are bandwidth limited, which is why I don’t put even one cam on anymore.

We have one 20GB one that works on Verizon and one that is 10GB that is on ATT. Wellll…we totally blew through our 20GB this month =( I think it was doing our taxes online with turbo tax. The only good thing is that the ATT reset the next day after the 20GB closed down. The problem with ATT is that if you go over the 10GB, it is $15 a GB and that can get very expensive, very fast.

We had been planning on getting another 20GB Verizon one anyway and with everything timing itself, we ended up getting it. They were suppose to prorate the remaining month, but since we ordered it so late in the month and they weren’t sure when we would get it, they didn’t charge us. Which is sweet. We got 20GB to use until the 1st for free….grin Very helpful.

And now we are giving ATT a break. I normally use that for work stuff only. But for now, with 20GB free, I just using that one and going from there.

That 20GB timed itself very well. Saw that Mac was offering a free operating system update…..unlike windows, I don’t feel the pressure to update because it works so well…..so forgot that it has been offered for awhile. The update was a 5GB download, so I took it. I kind of like it once I got around some bugs.

The first bug was that it wasn’t recognizing my second monitor. Now I use this for my book keeping and support, doesn’t need to be fancy or very high def. So I have a simple AOC E1649FWU 16″ USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor….just a plug and play. After googling, I hit up apple chat support and they were extremely helpful and gave me the link for the software updated I needed. I was very relieved to have that working.

There is no way I can work very well without it anymore, I have no idea how I did it before.

The next bug was my notes in my mail client disappeared…icks!!!

Hit up support, we were going to do a call today, but I finally found that they took the notes out of the mail client and they are their own separate app. With all my work notes on there, I was very, very happy to find them.

Due to that, I’ve found a new app called SimpleNote that is much easier to use, I can use on my Mac, iPad and iPhone without accidentally deleting one with a sync. Spent the day cleaning out my notes and copying them over, so now I have them in two spots….but I love getting things more organized.

The Maverick update helped get some of the bugs out of my mail client that I have when I try I use my work email that uses MS Exchange. There are little changes that I can’t pinpoint, but I do like. I seem to be running faster and smoother now.

That is how I’ve spent my weekend. =)