Hubby’s BIG 50!

It is hubby’s BIG 50! =)

Got him a few more t-shirts…..? Star Wars action figures & a Funko Batman, picked up his birthday Starbucks =)
Just spending a quiet day at home currently watching the #MichiganWolverines & the #OhioStBuckeyes.

Have #Purdue Basketball later today.

As the years go on, things get both more simpler and more complex in the gift giving. Simpler in that you aren’t wanting much, complex in that you don’t know what you want anymore, since you usually just get what you want when you want it.

So I was happy that I was able to think of a few things that he would like to have =)

From 2yrs ago…..

After hubby opened the t-shirts I got him.

Me: Now I know why Mom gets Dad t-shirts all the time (as I watch him put on a Batman one & thinking of the last pic of Dad with his torn up t-shirt)

Hubby (chuckles): It becomes even more clear as the years goes on


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