Last Day……

0928 Sat 19 June 2021

The vet got us in at 1130.  On one hand we are grateful for more time with Drew, on the other the wait is horrible.  I went to bed last night, hoping that Drew would pass on his own during the night.

I’ve been trying to distract myself the whole time.  Getting things done around the house…..didn’t do my weekly errands or gym…..I may do the gym afterwards to distract myself…..thinking I need the physical effort to get my mind off of crying all day.

I’m currently an emotional wreck….doesn’t help that we have Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on….that one always gets me.

At work yesterday when I informed folks why I was not doing well, I tried to state it briefly and move on.  For those who offered sympathy, I just started tearing up and almost broke down, especially on the hugs.  Did that on and off through out the day.

He wasn’t doing too good when we made the decision Thursday night, but I noticed since we made the decision, he has gotten even worst, quickly….

His food intake went down yesterday, but eating….today, won’t even lick the turkey meat, won’t touch any of the cat nip that we have piled up all around the place.  He is not making it to the litter box and is very dehydrated. Before today, he followed me all over the apartment, just to be near me……not cuddling, but there on the floor….and now can’t even get a purr.  =(

I think the enlarging of the lump on this throat, that has spread to his cheek, has made it harder for him to eat….the meds quit working on the swelling about a month ago.

It confirms that we made the right decision for today, but wonder if we should’ve done it last week.  I really thought it would happen during my vacation week.

Neither ToRn nor I are over how quickly we lost Sakura, and we can still see her in Drew’s face and tail.  When we talked about it the other night, I told him that maybe having the extended time we had with Drew will help us with unexpected lost of his sister in Dec.

No matter how painful this is…..I can’t go without cats and I want even more.

We have just over an hour before we leave for the vet………

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