Drew Brees June 2008-June 19, 2021

Drew Brees  June 2008- June 19, 2021

ToRn’s buddy……my baby….is no longer in pain.

It was a good thing that they got him in today….took a bad turn in the last 36hrs. 

But this post is about what an awesome cat Drew was.

When we first got Drew and Sakura, we worked from home in the office upstairs.  I would carry him up and down the stairs with me.  Until ToRn asked me if his legs were broken…LOL

He is the only cat that we were able to hold like a baby…..he would sleep for hours curled up like a baby in my lap as I worked. His fangs were so long that I would call him vampire kitty…lol

We would be able to carry him on our shoulders without him using his claws.  He trusted us so much to just carry him.  We were able to carry and move him around so much with the trust he had in us.

ToRn would call to him and hold his arms out and Drew would jump into them purring up a storm.  Drew would stand on his shoulders.

Loved it when he use to go against the wall and do “upside down butt”  LOL

Our first Xmas with Drew and Sakura was the last one that we had an artificial tree. Now, keep in mind that I’ve had this tree for 15 years with 4 other cats…never had an issue.  

I had gone out to Indiana, the 2nd week of Dec to visit family and while on the phone with me, ToRn had eyes staring out at him from the tree at eye level.  Well, ToRn is 6’2”….so they were pretty high up there.  

They keep getting into the tree and making a mess that ToRn just put the tree in the downstairs half bath for me to deal with when I got home…..he is not a Xmas fan, that is all me…lol

When he encountered our friend’s german short hair, he would just look at her and she would not meet his eyes and back down.

I remember us hearing something from downstairs, we get down there and our hanging plant is swinging like crazy and dirt on the floor.  Drew was on the floor just looking at us, like what?  He had to have jumped a good distance from the counter.  We never knew Drew could fly…..lol

I had never had a cat that would try and wake me up to let them under the covers like he did.  He would paw at the blankets, if that didn’t work, I would sometimes open my eyes to his paw on my nose, or him hissing at me to wake me up…..lol  

When we were in the king size, he got a whole portion to himself.  It use to drive ToRn nuts how much I would go out the way not to disturb Drew when I had get out of bed for a potty call…..lol

He would talk to us on all the time, until last year.  You would tell him no and he would talk back.  Sometimes, he would just stand there and do his “roar” for no reason.  It always reminded me of him trying to be a lion…lol

When we were down in AZ at the wildlife preserve, he was doing his meow “roars” and all of the sudden we heard this howl.  It was a coyote near by, startled the hell out of us…..especially Drew….LOL  He was like wth?? 

ToRn always claimed that when I left, he would call meow “mommie”.  He was my baby, ToRn would say he was spoiled, I would say he was just very well loved.  And he is sorely missed. =(


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