Life Changes…..

**Edit – Totally PISSED! Discovered that my blog was hacked and I have a lot of back junk posts to delete and my tweets aren’t posting….what low life scum bags!!!

I’m not on facebook on a regular basis anymore…..every 2-3 days to play catch up….I only keep it due to friends and family. I may not post much on people’s posts, but I do read and enjoy them.

Hubby has closed his down completely……if you want to hit him up, message me.

3 years ago this week we were packing up and moving back to Oregon…..where our heart has found it’s home when we moved here in 2007

We closed down the PO Box we’ve had in Troutdale for 13yrs today. Feels very weird, but time.
It dawned on me today that I was partial holding on to it, as my way to keep from “settling” in the valley, where I worked outside of Salem, in Keizer.

I was always telling them that I wanted to move back to Troutdale/Gresham…..I still would like that…..but not like I use to….no longer have the “homesick feel” since I got my new job.

With my new position, only 15 mins north of here, we can move farther north…..just not as far as Troutdale (30-45min)…..which is fine with me.

As long as I’m out of the valley… is pretty, but too flat….even with mountains in the distance, I feel better. I did love seeing the hot air balloons. =)

Here, the trees are different, we have hills….the landscape is so much more us ……..we are renewing our lease one more year and looking elsewhere next year.

We never planned on being at this complex this long…..3yrs….you can tell with how we haven’t personalized the apartment….never put any pictures up….they are all in the garage with all of our books……only have had our bed for 1 year out of being here for 3 years…

Now I need to finally change my DL. It has had the Troutdale PO Box on it with Continuous Traveler on it since 2013 when we hit the road in the RV

I’m enjoying my new job. Overwhelmed with so much that I need to learn…..ended up with 25hrs of OT this past 2 weeks…I can even do some of the work remotely. =) But so much less stress and anxiety that I had the last year at Lowe’s.

I’ve been so busy, which is why I haven’t been on as much.

I really, really miss my Lowe’s family….the people I worked with….at Keizer, Mt Vernon and Everett…..but I don’t miss Lowe’s and stress.

It has lost something that use to make special and enjoyable. The company, the caring and how they treated people had changed. And I had really enjoyed my different jobs at Lowe’s…..until this last year. It took it’s toll and effected my health….both physically and mentally.

Hubby starts a new position next week….making green batteries. It is job that make a difference and he is looking forward to it.

Feels like the future is looking bright. =)

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